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Childbirth Classes: Empowering you with the wisdom to make informed choices about your birthing experience.

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Our classes are in English and Portuguese!!

Childbirth is a profound milestone, and at DoudouKare, we believe that knowledge is one of the greatest tools you can possess as you approach this pivotal moment. Our Childbirth Classes are designed to demystify the process of labor and delivery, equipping you with the understanding and skills to navigate your birth with confidence.


Each class is a blend of practical knowledge, compassionate support, and empowerment, ensuring that you're prepared not only for the birth itself but also for the choices and experiences that surround it.

Class Offerings:

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education: Covering all stages of labor, delivery options, pain management techniques, and what to expect as you bring your child into the world.

  • Comfort Measures: Hands-on techniques to manage discomfort during labor, from breathing exercises to relaxation strategies.

  • Newborn Care: Preparing you for the first days and weeks with your baby, focusing on feeding, diapering, and understanding newborn behavior.

  • Postpartum Preparation: Discussing recovery after childbirth, emotional changes, and how to seek support when needed.



  • Evidence-Based Curriculum: Our classes are grounded in the latest research and best practices in perinatal health.

  • Interactive Learning: We offer a supportive and engaging environment that encourages questions and active participation.

  • Community Building: Connect with other expectant parents, share experiences, and create a network of support.

The DouDouKare Difference

  • Beyond providing information, our childbirth classes are a space where expectant parents can find their voice, learn their rights, and understand their options. With DoudouKare, you're not just attending a class; you're joining a community that values informed choice, respects personal birth wishes, and supports one another through every step of the journey.

  • Empower yourself with the wisdom of childbirth by joining our classes today. Let DoudouKare be the guide that lights the way to a birth experience that resonates with your personal story and vision.


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Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach:

  • Guiding Your Family to Peaceful Nights with DoudouKare

Sleep is as vital to your child’s development as nutrition and love. At DoudouKare, we understand the challenges and stress that can arise when your little ones struggle with sleep. Our Infant & Toddler Sleep Coaching service is designed to bring serenity to your child's nighttime routine, ensuring restful sleep for your entire family.

Our approach to sleep coaching is gentle, evidence-based, and tailored to fit the unique needs of your family. We partner with you to develop a personalized sleep plan that respects your parenting style and your child’s developmental stage.

What We Offer:

  • Personalized Sleep Assessment: An in-depth evaluation of your child’s sleep habits to identify specific challenges and opportunities for improvement.

  • Customized Sleep Plan: A step-by-step, individualized strategy that aligns with your family’s goals, values, and the specific needs of your child.

  • One-on-One Coaching: Direct support from a certified sleep coach, offering guidance, reassurance, and adjustments to the sleep plan as needed.

  • Family Support: Education and strategies for parents and caregivers to ensure consistency and support through the sleep training process.

  • Ongoing Follow-up: Regular check-ins to celebrate successes, address any setbacks, and make necessary adjustments to the sleep plan.


Benefits Of Sleep Coaching:

Improved Sleep for Your Child: Learn how to gently encourage healthy sleep habits that contribute to your child’s overall well-being and development.


Rest for the Whole Family: When your child sleeps better, everyone sleeps better. Our coaching aims to restore balance to your family’s nighttimes, leading to happier, more rested days.


Empowered Parenting: Gain confidence in your ability to support your child’s sleep in a way that feels right to you, backed by the knowledge and support of our expert coaches.


Why Choose DoudouKare’s Sleep Coaching?

  • Gentle Methods: Our philosophy is rooted in gentle, non-intrusive methods that foster security and trust between you and your child.

  • Expert Guidance: Our certified sleep coaches are equipped with the latest research and methodologies in pediatric sleep science.

  • Compassionate Support: We’re parents too. We understand the desperation of sleepless nights and the difference that compassionate, knowledgeable support can make.

The DoudouKare Difference

  • At DoudouKare, we see sleep coaching as more than just teaching a child to sleep; it’s about nurturing a foundation of healthy sleep habits that will benefit the whole family. With respect, patience, and understanding, we guide each family through their unique sleep journey.

  • Ready for restful nights and joyful mornings? Contact us to learn more about our Infant & Toddler Sleep Coaching services and how we can help your family find the sleep solution you’ve been dreaming of.

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