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Placenta Encapsulation: Honoring your body's post-birth offerings with a suite of nurturing products.

At DoudouKare, we celebrate the incredible process of birth and the miraculous gifts it brings—not only the gift of a new life but also the often-overlooked gift from your body: the placenta. Our Placenta Encapsulation Services transform this symbol of life into nourishing and memorable treasures for the one who has brought forth new life. The placenta plays a vital role during pregnancy, and its purpose can extend beyond birth. Through encapsulation and other unique preservation methods, we offer a way for you to honor the bond shared with your baby and provide a potential source of postpartum support.

What is the Placenta?

The placenta is a nutrient-rich, temporary organ, conceived to facilitate life between birthing parent and child. It is full of protein, iron, hormones, minerals and vitamins. The placenta is so potent and nutritionally balanced nearly all mammals consume the placenta after birth. In many ways, placentophagy (consumption of the placenta) is nature's postpartum supplement. Made by you, for you.  The act of encapsulating simply makes consumption more palatable for most parents, while extending the benefits over weeks instead of days.

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the placenta for ingesting via capsules.? It’s a wonderful, natural way to support a new parent during their postpartum recovery. 

When the placenta is birthed so are the many hormones it was providing to the parent over the last (give or take) 9ish months. That hormone dump can cause discomfort, hair loss, headaches, night sweats, mood swings and more. Placenta encapsulation may help reduce these symptoms. It may also help with energy, milk production and better sleep.


After you give birth and the placenta is released so are all those hormones that have been part of your world for the past 9 months. Encapsulating your placenta gives you the opportunity to slowly replace those hormones and nutrients you lost so your fourth-trimester recovery is easier on you and your body.

Some of the known benefits reported by my clients include:

  • Help balance your hormones

  • Better sleep

  • Less hair loss

  • Faster healing

  • Replenish depleted iron levels

  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state

  • Reduce post-natal bleeding

  • Increase milk production

  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Help lessen the “Baby Blues”



  • Placenta Prints: Prints are like a hand-stamped photocopy of your placenta. They can be natural, or watercolour using the color palette that you choose. 

  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake: Your baby’s umbilical cord, shaped into a heart and dehydrated, sealed and dipped in gold paint.

  • Placenta Capsules: Your placenta – dehydrated, ground, encapsulated and taken like a daily vitamin. Choose between flavoured or plain capsules, carefully prepared to maintain the integrity of the placenta's natural properties.

  • Placenta Tinctures: A liquid version of your placenta capsules. Same benefits as the capsules, but they never expire and work faster since its administered sublingually.

  • Shea Butter Creams: An all-purpose balm made from all-natural, organic and gentle ingredients like shea butter infused with the healing properties of your placenta. You can use this for incisions, perineal tears, cuts, burns, diaper rashes, eczema and other skin conditions you have. 

  • Placenta Artwork: Transform the unique print of your placenta into a beautiful piece of art, a timeless celebration of your birthing experience.

Our Approach
- Let us do the work

  • You or your birthing partner will let us know when you are in labour and when it's time to pick up the placenta.  We will come right to you at the hospital or your home to pick up the placenta at an agreed time.

  • The placenta is prepared by the steaming method. It's steamed and then dehydrated to 165 degrees, and then processed into the powder that goes into the capsules.

  • There is nothing added. Just 100% your placenta.

  • After your order is complete, it will be delivered back to you via priority mail or in-person delivery.


- What Is the Encapsulation Process?

  • Thorough sanitization of workspace and all equipment. Strict OSHA standards are observed.

  • Carefully rinsing and cleaning the placenta.

  • Trimming the cord--this is dehydrated and turned into a keepsake.

  • Preparing the placenta for dehydration.

  • Steaming the placenta for 5-10 minutes.

  • Heating the placenta strips to 160 degrees to kill any bacteria that may be present.

  • Complete dehydration in a dehydrator that is reserved specifically for placentas.

  • Grinding the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder.

  • Filling capsules with powder and placing them in a container(s).

  • Sanitization of all equipment and workspace.

There are a few ways placenta encapsulation has been prepared through the years: Raw, Traditional Chinese, Steamed and Raw Start.

  • Raw Start-   Preliminary research has shown this method contains more progesterone and reduces bacteria levels to food-safe levels.  Raw Start is dehydrated at a higher temperature for a longer period of time.  

  • Traditional Chinese Method (TCM)- The placenta is steamed with additions such as ginger, lemon, and Cheyenne pepper and then dehydrated.  I do not offer this method.  It is my belief that the placenta is perfect the way it is and needs no additions.

  • Steamed- Similar to TCM but with no herbs or aromatics. This method contains less progesterone than Raw Start but kills the most bacteria. This method is the preferred method if you test positive for GBS.

  • Raw- the placenta is dehydrated at a low temperature, typically at 126 degrees or lower.  I do not offer this method, I feel it is unsafe to encapsulate a placenta at temperatures this low.


  • We use only temperature controlled dehydrators to protect the integrity of the placenta throughout the dehydrating process.

  • Our processors grind the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder to ensure that is dispensed evenly throughout the pills for consistent dosage. 

  • We only use specialized equipment that can be fully disassembled for complete sanitation after each individual placenta.

  • We keep your placenta labelled with your name during the duration of its transportation, handling, processing and shipping.

  • We visually examine each placenta for abnormalities and signs of deterioration, infection, or contamination before allowing encapsulation.

  • We use all natural gelatin or vegetarian capsules; gluten, GMO, and preservative free that are Kosher and Halal certified.


  • We will not use an oven for dehydrating (it is impossible to get an oven down to a low enough temperature to keep enzymes intact) or a dehydrator that does not have a temperature control function.

  • We do not process multiple placentas together — all are processed in the order they are received, one at a time in separate work areas.

  • We do not add any herbs, spices, or other additives to your placenta pills.

  • We will not process placentas that have been in contact with any chemicals or contaminants or appear unsuitable for consumption.


  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake (pending cord length)

  • Placenta Print - choice of natural or colored with food dye

  • Placenta Capsules. Choice of plain or flavoured

  • *Placenta pick up from place of birth (45 mile radius from 01605)

  • Delivery of capsules and package back to you - Priority mail

  • Placenta booklet with dosage and storage recommendations

Click here to order your placenta goodies.

Our placenta services go beyond encapsulation.

We offer a unique opportunity for parents to reclaim a piece of their birthing experience, providing a form of self-care that commemorates the journey you’ve undertaken.

Connect with us to explore how our Placenta Encapsulation Services can be tailored for your postpartum wellness and remembrance. Let’s celebrate you, and the extraordinary contribution you’ve made to bring new life into this world.

Are you ready to book your placenta encapsulation service now? (required to answer)

  • Yes, please send me your packages and pricing

  • Yes, but I would love to chat with you first. 

If you would like to chat with me, please schedule a complimentary consultation here!


PLEASE NOTE: The information has not been evaluated by the FDA. The services we offer are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize these services take full responsibility for their own health, asking any questions necessary to make a truly informed decision to utilize any services offered, and for using the remedies at their own risk. We are not doctors or clinical care providers. Please consult your medical care provider immediately if you have any concerns, require any medical treatment, or need to make medical decisions about your health, care or wellbeing. Placenta services are not a substitute for medical care from a licensed clinical care provider.

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