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Personalized doula care for your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

Journeying with you through pregnancy, birth and beyond

You’re embarking on a miraculous adventure of growth, love, and discovery. At DoudouKare, we understand the waves of excitement and the pangs of uncertainty that come with parenthood. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to walking beside you, every step of this beautiful journey. From the first flutter of life within, to the empowering moment of birth and the tender postpartum days, consider us your personal guide, confidante, and resource haven.

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DoudouKare is dedicated to enriching the parenthood journey with exceptional care and deep empathy. We embrace families with comprehensive support, comforting guidance, and empowering education, honoring the transformative experience of childbirth and the tender moments that follow.

Core Values

At DoudouKare, the SEED of our philosophy is planted in the fertile ground of our core values. Support is the soil that nurtures growth, steadfast through every season. Empowerment is the sunlight that encourages confidence to bloom. Education is the water that nourishes you with knowledge. And Devotion is the care we give to cultivating an environment of love and compassion. Together, these elements cultivate a journey of growth, strength, and blooming potential for every family we have the honor to accompany.


We provide comfort and companionship to you and your family by providing physical, emotional, and informational support during prenatal, birth, and early postpartum periods.


We champion your strength and autonomy, offering the tools and confidence you need to embrace your personal parenting journey. We strive to illuminate paths, unlock potential, and celebrate every milestone with you, so that you stand tall in every decision and every joyous moment of parenthood.


We provide evidence-based information to help you navigate your journey and make an informed decision.


Our devotion lies in cultivating love and compassion, offering unwavering kindness to all families and embracing diversity without judgment

Our Services

Our Boutique Services: Crafted For You


Evidence & Experienced- Based Childbirth Education Classes:

Knowledge is power. Gain the power of knowledge for your birthing process with our all-encompassing childbirth education. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to bolster your confidence, provide practical skills, and support your individual pain management preferences for a positive delivery experience.


Birth Doula Support:

Your birth, your way. Personalized, professional pregnancy and birth assistance to honor your individual birthing plan and preferences, guiding you confidently through your special journey.


Placenta Encapsulation Services:

Embrace the wonders of your body with our bespoke placenta encapsulation, transforming this natural marvel into nourishing capsules, soothing creams, healing tinctures, and memorable keepsakes, all designed to enrich your postpartum healing process.


Postpartum Doula Support:

Compassionate and nurturing care to welcome your newborn into the family fold, ensuring a smooth transition for all.


Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting:

This service is designed to bring harmony to your nights and joy to your days, with personalized sleep plans and compassionate support, we'll help you and your baby or toddler embrace a routine that promotes optimal sleep health and well-being.

What makes us different?

At DoudouKare, what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to be more than just doulas; we're your partners in this beautiful and complex journey of parenthood. Our core values of Support, Empowerment, Education, and Devotion (SEED) are the bedrock of every service we provide, ensuring that you're not just cared for, but cherished and celebrated.


You won't find a one-size-fits-all approach here. DoudouKare is about crafting a bespoke experience that fits like your favorite pair of jeans - comfortable, reliable, and uniquely yours. Whether we're deciphering the secret language of pregnancy aches with you or choreographing the intricate steps of your labor journey, we're here to infuse your path to parenthood with assurance, joy, and a touch of laughter.


Here, you’re more than just a client - you’re family. We pride ourselves on being the comprehensive support system that anticipates and meets your needs before you even have to ask, guiding you through each step of this remarkable journey.


Experience the DoudouKare difference, where every aspect of your parental journey is revered, every challenge is faced with unwavering support, and every achievement is celebrated as a collective triumph.


Schedule a free 30 minute consultation and discover how DoudouKare can personalize your path to parenthood.



Adwapa was my doula for my second baby. I wish I had her the first time around. She is a great LISTENER. She always had a notebook on hand writing down my lists and never forgot. She reminded me of the important stuff. She ensured I was getting enough rest, exercise and above all LAUGHING. Pregnancy and birth can be very serious, she came with the FUN. I looked forward to her calls. She was alway checking on me at odd hours. I love that she provides the information and let’s you decide without judgment.
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