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Doula | noun| doo·​la

a trained professional who provides continuous physical comfort, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.


Birth and Labor Doula Services

It is my personal mission as your birth and labor doula to provide education, resources, and unwavering support to hold space and vision for the birth you desire. I am here to help you comb through your options, demystify the experiences of labor and birth that are often hidden behind closed doors in our modern culture, and provide you with the tools necessary to make empowered and informed decisions for your highest well-being. 


I believe in reproductive justice and the right to choose what the appropriate environment is for you to have your baby. This is a space for all birthing people and all types of families. 


A positive birth experience does not mean everything goes perfectly. It means that you feel surrounded by love and support, and that you have a voice that is heard. My birth doula services start from a foundation of compassion. By listening to you and responding to your needs, the physical and emotional support I provide come from a place of intuitive compassion.

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Experience one-on-one support like you’ve never imagined.

Here's how it works 

As soon as you are ready to get started, I will work alongside you to ensure your needs are met. We are going to have fun and learn so much about your body, your baby and your inner strength. 


Once you have signed the contract and paid the invoice, it is official! I will be your doula! We schedule our goal-setting Kick-off Call, where we will get to know each other some more and then I will lay out the steps included in your custom experience with me. 


I am sure there are so many thoughts going through your mind. I will help you streamline them, so you can continue to connect with your baby and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. 


Here are some of the things to expect during our time together. 

  • 2- 3  in-home or virtual prenatal appointments. Topics covered include wellness in pregnancy, preparation for labor and clarification of birth preferences, review of hospital protocols and interventions, and preparation for breastfeeding and life with a newborn

  • Educational guidance and evidence-based information and resources as needed. 

  • Assistance with baby registry and nursery decorating organization and set-up

  • Identify coping techniques appropriate to you with or without an epidural

  • Attend a pregnancy massage workshop together if needed

  • Attend a breastfeeding consultation together if needed

  • Assist your partner in becoming comfortable with unfamiliar health settings

  • Backup doula support in the rare case I am unavailable.


Here is what you can expect from me when you go into labor: 

  • Texting and phone support through early labor

  • In-home and/or in-hospital continuous physical and emotional support, as well as informational guidance throughout active labor and up to two hours postpartum, including early lactation support.

  • Photography, if desired

  • Comfort and pain coping techniques

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Have Questions? I'd Love to Hear From you!


Professional doula services in Central Massachusetts and MetroWest inspired by your ideal birth vision

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