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Personalized care for your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Journeying with you through
pregnancy, birth and beyond

As a professional birth doula and certified placenta encapsulation expert, it is my privilege to travel with you through the exciting, emotional, and at times scary and unpredictable adventure that is bringing new life into this world. 


From early-stage pregnancy to delivery and the 4th trimester (post-partum), I am with you through it all! 

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My Services

Birth and Labor Support 

This package is ideal for those looking for fully rounded support throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenthood.

Placenta Encapsulation 

Your placenta is composed of several healing proteins and hormones. Each person’s needs are different after giving birth and placenta encapsulation provides different opportunities and benefits based on the physical needs of your body after birth. 

I believe everyone deserves a doula. If price is the only thing keeping you from hiring me, please ask me about payment plans or discounts. I currently offer discounts to the following: 

  • Single moms - 15%

  • Teen moms - 15%

  • Teachers - 10%

  • Veterans- 10%

  • Abortions – Free


Why you should hire a doula

Although doulas do not provide medical care, we do offer effective ways to improve your birthing experience and my goal is to help you safeguard your birth, your space and your story. I am here as your voice, your advocate, your biggest cheerleader or even just a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.



Where shall I begin, having Adwapa as a doula has helped me in ways unimaginable during  the pregnancy of my first child. Adwapa provided invaluable insight and advice ranging from baby registry must haves to recovery after childbirth. I appreciated her prompt response, knowledge about natural products and remedies, and overall support. I can not thank her enough.
Ari's Mother
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